As a result of more than 25 years working in and with the national and regional press Focus Media Marketing syndicates promotions on behalf of third parties to newspapers and magazines throughout the UK.

These partnership marketing promotions include ‘free for every reader’ style promotions, ‘2 for 1 holidays’, ‘half price hotel rooms’, ‘free show tickets’ and ‘free plants’ to name a few – in fact anything that will add value and drive circulation for newspapers and increase website traffic.

We can even offer solutions when it comes to product handling and despatch, warehousing, printing, design and website creation.

Event management
Have an event or trade show coming up but unsure how to organise and/or promote it? Focus Media Marketing can help.

We have experience of event management of every size from trade shows and international exhibitions, to awards evenings and local community events!

So, in a nutshell Focus Media Marketing can provide the following for your company or business:

Syndicate promotions to UK newspapers and magazine
Partnership marketing
Write website and brochures
Event management
Product handling, warehousing, printing, design and website creation.

And because we’re careful when it comes to our own costs, our services will not cost you the earth. Talk to us and find out more about what we can do for you.

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