Tomfoolery Saves Christmas

Tomfoolery Saves Christmas

Lisa-and-TomFocus Media created and launched an innovative marketing material to promote the show of a client recently.

Client Tomfoolery and account director for Focus Media, Lisa Brace, co-authored a children’s book, entitled ‘Tomfoolery Saves Christmas’ which was launched on October 26 at The Capitol Theatre, Horsham. The book is the story which the show of the same name is based on and is due to run at The Capitol Studio from 10-24 December 2015.

Lisa explained the reason for the creation of the book, she said: “We are very excited about Tomfoolery’s upcoming show, and to help create a buzz around the show we felt it would be interesting to create a book before the show opened.

“The book will serve as a way of giving people a good taste of what the show’s storyline is – as this is a brand new show – as well as working as sophisticated marketing material that will continue to reiterate the message of the show.”

She added: “It was also a fantastic experience for me to be involved with, and was something of a lifelong ambition which I’m thrilled has been fulfilled.”

The book is available to buy at various outlets, as well as on-line, information is available via

Tickets are on-sale for the show from

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